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Telescoping, rotating metal roasting forks with colorful wood handles.


Price: $17.50
Our price INCLUDES the batteries
Our price INCLUDES the batteries! The NEW!! Spinmallow spins at a scientifically proven 144 RPMs, the "sweet spot" for toasting marshmallows perfectly and evenly. Great for roasting hot dogs too. It has a telescoping, rotating/spinning stainless steel skewer that extends to 28" (keeping kids safely away from the fire), slides back in for storage in the handle and detaches for easy cleaning. Designed by master artisans, it looks like a piece of Monterey driftwood. It's the best Spinmallow yet! 

The image above shows a packaged Spinmallow with its skewer stored in the handle. Click on View More Images to see a Spinmallow with its skewer fully extended.

Runs on 2 AA batteries that are not normally included. However, all Spinmallows purchased at The Marshmallow Stick Company come with batteries.

IN-STOCK and orders placed today will be delivered in about a week; faster if you select expedited UPS shipping at checkout.

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