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Telescoping, rotating metal roasting forks with colorful wood handles.


The Marshmallow Stick Company has the USA's hottest barbecue lineup! Our 100% Made in the USA marshmallow sticks are now sold in 97 Wegmans Food Markets in the Northeast and in smaller markets, shops and country stores from Maine to California. Our sticks cost us more because they are harvested, milled and packaged in Maine USA - none from China - no bamboo. Yet we are usually able to match or beat our competitors' pricing. 

Order directly online or by phone or emailed purchase order. No special paperwork or account set-up is required. Form W-9 from us upon request. See the individual product descriptions for price points and ordering information. 

Check-out our new COMBO CASE! A convenient, cost effective way for smaller stores and markets to sell both our 6-packs and Tube O' Stix 20s.

Customer Service: 207-864-5532 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern, weekdays)

After hours: 978-407-7755 (Cell phone of Greg Andrews - General Manager)
Marshmallow Sticks - CASE of 60 6-packs
Price: $117.00
Marshmallow Sticks - CASE of 60 6-packs
Our wholesale pricing for 6-packs & Tube O" Stix 20s starts at just one case.
Add colors to your fire!
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Everything you need for your bonfire: sticks, fire starters, matches & Mystical Fire.