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Moose Mellow Sticks

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These fun, premium-grade marshmallow roasting sticks are made for us by a small company up in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. They used to make arrows as in "bows and arrows", but now they just make Moose Mellow Sticks from the branches of poplar trees. The sticks are 32" long and a little more than 1/4" thick. One end has a Moose Mellow tag as shown in the picture and the other end is tapered so that it can easily poke into marshmallows or hot dogs; but it's not a sharp point. There are moose "footprints" along the shaft. Not real ones, but it's fun for the kids.

Great party and wedding favors or event giveaways or for resale in stores or at resorts!

100 sticks - $195 ($1.95 per stick)
200 sticks - $380 ($1.90 per stick)
300 sticks - $540 ($1.80 per stick)
400 sticks - $680 ($1.70 per stick)
500 sticks - $795 ($1.59 per stick)

Note: BULK Moose Mellow sticks can only be ordered online in increments of 100. Contact us for quantities in-between or if you need more than 500 sticks.

HOW TO ORDER: Our drop-down menu has prices for 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 sticks. To order, select the BULK quantity you want from the drop-down menu, leave the Quantity field below the drop-down menu at "1" and then click the Add to Cart button.  

PURCHASE ORDERS: We accept emailed purchase orders for 200 or more Moose Mellow sticks:

FREE CONTINENTAL USA SHIPPING: Via UPS Ground - delivery in 4 to 7 business days. 

SHIPPING TO HAWAII, ALASKA OR CANADA: Email or call to place your order and we'll split our shipping cost with you. 

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