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Combo Case / 30 4-packs + 10 Tubes

Price: $138.00
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100% MADE IN THE USA! Northern White Birch marshmallow roasting sticks harvested, milled and packaged in Maine. 30" length keeps kids safely away from the fire. Sanded smooth - no splinters! Child-friendly, semi-tapered ends that easily poke into marshmallows or hot dogs. Easy to grip 1/4" diameter. 

Sold in markets, shops and country stores from Maine to California. Also at hotels, resorts, festivals and events throughout the USA and Canada.  

4-packs: 4 sticks in a plastic sleeve with a handy hang-tag (with UPC code) and a colorful insert.

Tube O' Stix 20s: 20 sticks in a sanitary, colorfully labeled, clear plastic storage canister (with UPC code) and bright red end caps.

Combo case: 30 4-packs + 10 tubes in a colorfully labeled POP display carton. Despite the higher price point, our Tube O' Stix 20s sell well alongside the 4-packs. On average, it's a 3:1 ratio of 4-packs sold to tubes sold.


$1.95 per 4-pack (typical retail price: $2.95 to $3.95) | $7.95 per tube (typical retail price: $9.95 to $12.95)

Total of $138.00 per case

No special paperwork or account set-up is required. Order online here, email ( or call or text (978-407-7755). 

CONTINENTAL USA SHIPPING: Via UPS Ground - delivery in 4 to 7 business days. Flat shipping regardless of location - shipping costs decrease starting at 5 cases. FREE SHIPPING for 8 cases or more. 

SHIPPING TO HAWAII, ALASKA OR CANADA: Email or call to place your order and get the lowest possible shipping rate.

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