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Combo Case / 30 4-packs + 10 Tubes

Price: $122.00
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100% MADE IN THE USA! Northern White Birch marshmallow roasting sticks harvested, milled and packaged in Maine. 30" length keeps kids safely away from the fire. Sanded smooth - no splinters! Child-friendly, semi-tapered ends that easily poke into marshmallows or hot dogs. Easy to grip 1/4" diameter. 

Sold in 99 Wegmans Food Markets in the Northeast and in smaller stores and markets from Maine to California. Also at hotels, resorts, festivals and events throughout the USA and Canada.  

4-packs: 4 sticks in a plastic sleeve with a handy hang-tag (with UPC code) and a colorful insert.

Tube O' Stix 20s: 20 sticks in a sanitary, colorfully labeled, clear plastic storage canister (with UPC code) and bright red end caps.

Combo case: 30 4-packs + 10 tubes in a colorfully labeled POP display carton. Despite the higher price point, our Tube O' Stix 20s sell well alongside the 4-packs. On average, it's a 3:1 ratio of 4-packs sold to tubes sold.


$1.75 per 4-pack (typical retail price: $2.75 to $3.25) | $6.95 per tube (typical retail price: $9.95 to $12.50)

Total of $122.00 per case

Order up to 3 cases online. No special paperwork or account set-up is required.

PURCHASE ORDERS: We accept emailed purchase orders for 2 cases or more.

LARGER QUANTITIES: Contact us for pricing for 4 cases or more.

CONTINENTAL USA SHIPPING: Via UPS Ground - delivery in 4 to 7 business days. Contact us for expedited shipping.  

SHIPPING TO HAWAII, ALASKA OR CANADA: Email or call to place your order and get the lowest possible shipping rate.

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